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Inversion Summits provide an invite-only, in-person platform for top alternative investment professionals to grow their knowledge of next-generation strategies, expand their network of peers, and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Upcoming Summits

Inversion Fall Summit 2022

Silverado Resort & Spa, Napa Valley, California
October 16–19, 2022

Join us in the Fall of 2022 to network with the brightest stars in the allocator and manager communities, learn about cutting-edge investment strategies, and hear unique perspectives from those leading the charge into the future of investing.

Inversion Spring Summit 2023

Santa Barbara, California
April 23–26, 2023

Following our debut event in the Fall of 2022, the Inversion Summits event series continues in the Spring of 2023 in Santa Barbara, California.

Inversion Spring Summit 2023
April 23–26, 2022
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