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Narrowing the Funnel

Inversion Summits sets itself apart by vetting GPs based on performance and differentiation of strategy, and inviting only senior-level decision makers from the top LP organizations globally. The result is a participant community that is unparalleled in the alternative investments industry.

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Flip the way you think about networking

Inversion Summits took a hard look at the traditional investment event industry to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed but does not yet exist. The result is a fresh take that combines bright minds, thoughtfully curated content, and focused networking opportunities for a powerfully rewarding experience in some of the world’s most beautiful settings.

Unique insights and quality connections

Inversion Summits delivers an immersive experience that provides LPs the opportunity to expand their knowledge of leading-edge investment-related content, network and exchange ideas with peers, and make one-on-one connections with top-tier GPs to learn about their strategies and explore investment opportunities. 


Why Attend


Learn new investment strategies from a panel of leading experts


Expand your network of top-tier professionals in the investment


Make one-to-one meeting connections powered by a robust technology platform


Enhance your palate and get your body moving in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations

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Who Attends


Investment professionals across the global LP community of:


Leading professionals from the global alternative investment community with a track record of success:

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